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How do I credit artists, songwriters, and other contributors on my release?

Artists, songwriters, and contributors can be credited in the Details and Songs sections of your release during the upload process. Below are some of the common contributor roles:

  • Primary Artist – The Primary/Main Artist of the song or album 
  • Featured – The Featured Artist on the song or album. There can be 1 or more Featured Artists. Please note: the featuring artist must be added as a contributor rather than added to the title of the song.
  • Songwriter – The person (or people) who wrote the lyrics and/or wrote the music for a song. At least one songwriter must be credited on your release, but you may credit as many as you need
  • Producer – The producer oversees and manages the production of a sound recording
  • Actor – This role should be reserved for Soundtracks/Theatrical recordings only. Ex. Bing Crosby (Actor) on “Singing in the Rain”
  • Composer – This role should be reserved for Classical music only. A Composer is a person who wrote the music for a Classical piece. Ex. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer) “The Marriage of Figaro”
  • Lyricist – Reserved for theatrical performances i.e. plays, musicals, etc. Person (or people) who wrote the lyrics
  • Remixer – This role should be reserved for Remixes and should be credited to the individual who remixed the specific track
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