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How do I make my release show at the top of store search results?

Content that shows up at the top of search results is based upon its popularity in that store. 

  • If there are multiple albums or artists associated with the keywords you have listed for your release title and/or artist name, this could prevent your music from showing up at the top of search results. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot manipulate the search results that are displayed in the stores. The stores themselves also lack manual control over search results, as these results are automated to show the top most relevant releases and the most popular (in regards to sales and click-throughs) among other algorithms.
  • One way to try and raise your release in the search results is to post the direct link to your release on any social media platforms you use so people can easily click into your release. Increased sales and customer reviews will also increase the release’s popularity.
  • In the future, one way to ensure higher search result placement is to find words that people may search for but are not yet being overused in the stores.

When searching for your release in iTunes (or other platforms), you may see the track list of your album listed in the incorrect order. This occurs because the stores will display all songs that are most relevant to your initial search, and the results are listed in no particular order. Once you click on the actual album, you should see the correct order of your tracks.

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