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YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts allows creators to make short-form videos (10-15 seconds) using their mobile phones.  With a focus on ease of usability (multi-segment camera, the option to record with music, speed controls, and a timer/countdown to record hands-free), Shorts is an excellent platform for creatives to do what they do best – get creative!

When you distribute your release to YouTube Music, it will automatically become available for creators and artists to utilize in their Shorts videos.  At this time you cannot opt into Shorts without also opting into YouTube Music.  

As long as you have opted to distribute your release to YouTube Music, creators using the Shorts platform will be able to find it and utilize it.

Ready to make your release available to thousands of creators who are taking part in the YouTube Shorts beta program? Head to your Dashboard and get started!


YouTube Shorts is available to creators in over 100 countries across the globe.  

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